Hand blown vs Pressed glass

You may not give much thought to what went into the production of the repetitive patterned vase you keep stocked with a bouquet of your favorite flowers, or the uniformity between it and others you have seen at the local antique store.
I am willing to bet that you have, however, gasped in awe at a gleaming piece of unique art glass perched in the window of a boutique.

There are some glaring differences between hand blown glass and pressed glass. These differences can be seen in the way they look, feel and even the price you pay for them


Pressed glass and  machine manufactured glass pieces typically are created by using a mold, each piece is able to be precisely the same with little imperfection. Much of the time when this process is used a seam will be seen along the edge where the mold was opened to free the piece. This can be pronounced on some pieces or hardly noticeable on others. Because of the relative automation of the process (there is some human interaction needed to create these pieces) and the conformity it yields, products made this way can be produced at a lower cost than other methods.

Hand blown glass has some tell tell characteristics as well! You will not find a seam on these pieces, however you may find a “rod mark” at the underside of the piece from where it was removed from the rod it was created using. (Though on finer pieces this is smoothed down to create a more ascetically pleasing surface) Pieces made this way will always have small imperfections or differences from one another, even if they are intended to be alike. The human element and lack of a mold makes this so. The up side to this way of production is the vast customization and creative options as well as the thickness and quality of the piece. While a mold will largely give you a piece with a uniform thickness, hand blown glass can vary from one area of a piece to another. While some hand blown glass is only slightly higher in price than its machined counterpart, the finer objects, with greater attention paid to detail and technique, can fetch a higher price.


Some styles of blown glass can take an artist years of intense education and practice to master. You may be able to find a hand blown paperweight at your local dollar store, but the technique used to make it is rapid and not as nuanced as a similarly sized paperweight made by another artist in a different technique.


Bullicante or controlled bubble technique


Not going to find this at the dollar store

There are additional differences in the creation and production of glass objects, one could write a book on the topic!

If you are in the NJ area, you can even catch a glimpse of glass being made up close at Wheaton Arts Center!

We currently have some wonderful glass pieces available in house, from hand blown to pressed!



Re-purposing – Make it new, make it yours!

Re-purposing – Make it new, make it yours!

Part of the fun of thrift shopping is the ability to score a great deal on something, not only to save money, but often times to take an old item and breathe new life into it and make it your own!  Some items naturally lend themselves to being restored, but there are other items out there that with a little ingenuity can be changed into something new entirely!

Pinterest is absolutely brimming with amazing projects, ideas and tips for the thrift shop treasure hunters out there! We have browsed many, and have collected a few right here for you to get the creative energy flowing! With spring upon us one of these bright ideas may lead you to refreshing your own living space! The sky is the limit!

The action figure/toy lamp 
This one is absolutely one of my favorites! The possibilities are absolutely endless and can be catered to any child (or child at heart!)  From favorites like Star Wars, Marvel, DC, GI Joe, Ninja Turtles to Dora The Explorer, La La Loopsy, Strawberry Shortcake, Littlest Pet Shop… You see how this could go on forever?
Your first step is picking out the toys you are going to use to assemble your lamp, and of course picking out a base lamp (or 2) They can really be any size you want, and as simple or as complex as you desire. A good starting point for a first time DIYer can be found HERE for this project, though many other tutorials exist, and once again you can alter this to your tastes! Take a look at some of these amazing takes on the project!



Or, if you are feeling a bit more adventurous and want to let your love for toys reign supreme….



Silverware Jewelry

This one is quite popular with crafters, projects can be very simple, or more involved to create elaborate pieces you may never realize were tableware to begin with! Crafters often bend and twist these items, or punch holes to attach additional pieces. It is a very versatile medium to work with! I was gifted a bracelet made from a spoon once and it remains a treasured possession!  HERE  is a good starting point to get an idea of what you may need to create with. We always have a nice selection of items you can use to make this jewelry! Our loose pieces of flatware/silverplate are only a quarter each!
Take a look at this eye candy!




Refreshed Art 

This one is just way too fun! It has become a trend to take dull, or less than desirable works of art that you can snag for a steal and add some “flare” to them. Whether you are are artistically inclined or not you can certainly find a way to add this sort of pop to any tired of work! You could paint right on the art, or you could clip out images from books, magazines, comic books or any other print and paste it strategically on!



Not just for junk

We have mentioned this one in blogs past, but an old trunk can be for oh so much more than your junk! It is a hot trend right now to take a trunk and transform it into a coffee table! Doesn’t get much easier! Though you could certainly jazz it up a bit…


Endless possibilities are available to creative minds in the aisles of the local thrift shop! Come on in and let your inner DIYer run free!



Best of Burlington 2016 Voting!


It’s that time of year again! Burlington County times has started the voting for the best of the best in the county! Our business thrives because of our loyal customers and we would love it if you would take a few moments to register and vote (if you registered last year all you need to do is log in!)

Below you will find step by step directions on how to get those votes in!

First go ahead and click HERE to send you to the official ballot!

Next click on the Register/Log In button (Circled in pink below!)
step 1


After you click the button this window will pop up, enter your email address in and click continue

After you click continue this window will pop up for you to create an account! (If you already have an account it will prompt you to log in) Fill out the information and click continue

Once you click continue you will see this window pop up. You will need to log into your email account and click the link they send to you via email, this will confirm your account!
step 3

You will be sent back to the ballot page and you will see this pop up, letting you know you are all set to get to voting!
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Next step is to click on the shopping tab on the left side of the screen! This will take you to the shopping category!

Once you click the shopping tab, scroll down till you see the Thrift/Consignment category! Click there and you will be prompted to make your selection! In the box type in Forgotten Treasures Edgewater Park and click VOTE!


You are all set! You will see the image below, confirming your vote!

You can vote in all sorts of categories too! Vote for all your local favorites and help support the community! As always we appreciate your business and continued support!

Mercury Glass


It sounds other worldly, or even something a scientist might have used in  lab…
What exactly is “Mercury Glass”?

You may assume elemental mercury is actually used in the creation of this material, it is not but it does get its name from it! Mercury glass is also known as silvered glass, glass that has a layer of silver tone (silver nitrate is commonly used) cased between 2 layers of glass, the silver layer resembles the element. (Though more modern mercury glass is not cased, and the name covers a more wide array of metallic glass) It was considered to be the first type of art glass, or glassware made more for display than for function. People enjoyed it because in some light it looked like more expensive silver metal! Just imagine a robbers dismay when they went to snatch up what they assumed was valuable sterling only to find out it was simply glass!

The term has become a blanket term for any glass that has a metallic tone, very commonly used to describe metallic Christmas ornaments. A quick google search for mercury glass will display a whole world of modern day baubles and decor in silvery tones. While most of these items are not cased, it is now an acceptable term for this glassware.

Sometimes the silver (or other color used) looks flaky , like the silver is deteriorating. This is a method used in modern mercury glass to give it the appearance of being older than it is, “antiqued”. (Unless of course the piece IS actually deteriorating!)


When searching the term you are very likely to come across a wide array of Christmas ornaments that look like these…

ornament…Often in amazing shapes and designs, and decorated with glitter and other adornments.

While it would be easy as can be to write an entire post about them, another ever popular and highly valued mercury glass item are known as Kugel ornaments.
The very first Kugel ornaments were spheres that were hung in windows in the 17th century to ward off witches or evil spirits! As mercury glass became popular these ornaments were made in silvered forms. They moved from just being used in the windows to being used as Christmas decorations for the tree, hung from ceilings and used in gardens as well. In Germany the ornaments were made in various shapes and sizes and even colors! Some of these true antique Kugels are extremely valuable and scarce! They are characterized  by their heavy weight and brass capped designs. There are modern reproductions that have just as much weight, and wonderful beauty, but at a more attainable price.

We were recently able to get our hands on some wonderful mercury glass, now available for purchase! (Via the links below, or you can come on in as always and buy in store!)

You can always click HERE to browse our current collection of all of our Mercury Glass items!


Our most impressive piece available is this gorgeous (and huge!) vase! It is am impressive 15″ tall and has a lovely pattern of vines etched into it. It is “antiqued” style. You can click the image to take a peek at this, and any of our items ebay listings.


This piece is similar in style to the jug (they would look fantastic together!) It is an apothecary style jar with a nice tall lid and a footed base. It stands about 13.5in tall.



(Click on images to view the listings for purchase or additional information)

Feast your eyes on these! You may be thinking its way too soon for “Christmas” ornaments, but the uses for these are only limited by your imagination! These are reproduction Kugels, (though still vintage). They would look great hanging in your garden, hanging from chandeliers, table centerpiece decor… endless possibilities!

Check out this weeping elm…


They also look quite nice stacked in a hurricane vase, hung, or strategically placed just as they are!





Mercury glass has had quite a history, and has never gone out of style! Though many pieces only see the light of day during the holidays, there are many ways to incorporate this shining art into your everyday life and style. Shine on!

Feel free to browse our other listings as our inventory changes daily! Just click HERE!

You’re a popular man Charlie Brown

Way back in 1950 a very talented illustrator by the name of Charles M Schulz created a comic strip that is arguably the most iconic, popular and influential of all time. You would have to search far and wide to find a single soul who does not know of the Peanuts gang! The iconic and ever popular characters are back for another generation to enjoy in the Peanuts movie released today in theaters! Kids who may not be familiar with the characters will get to meet Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock and the rest of the gang in the computer animated film. With the holidays coming the classic A Charlie Brown Christmas will also air for families to enjoy (as is tradition for my family!)

Many people may wonder why the strip was called Peanuts, as the name does not seem to fit. Originally the strip was called Lil’ Folks, but it was later changed to Peanuts due to another strip titled “Little Folks” Peanuts refers to “The peanut gallery” a term coined on the popular Howdy Doody show. (At the time children were sometimes referred to as peanuts) Schulz pushed back against this title as he felt it had no meaning or relation to his work but in the end the name stuck.

Over the years there have been many movies, books and merchandise related to this franchise, and they have become quite collectible. One of the most popular items was the snow cone maker that is sure to bring back some memories!

It has been so popular they still make them today!

We have had many items come through featuring the Peanuts gang, and with the holidays fast approaching we have some adorable Snoopy greeters fit for any home. (Click the images below to view these cuties on our Ebay store!)

Feel free to share your memories of the Peanuts gang and how they have been a part of your life!

Mid Century Finds

One of the hottest buzzwords in the vintage collecting community right now is “Mid Century Modern”
This can encompass a wide array of items and styles that span from artwork to furniture to home goods. The term gets thrown around a lot, sometimes to garner more views to a particular item that may not quite fit the bill. More often than not however a search of this term will fill your eyes with just the right amount of funky goodness and kitschy wonders.
With the glowing success of the show Mad Men, and growing exposure of the style in print and advertisements, Mid Century Modern is a style that is here to stay. It isn’t for everyone, and I often hear “You love it or you… don’t.” (aka you HATE it)
it encompasses a broad range from about 1933 to about 1965 ( or mid 20th century, hence the name) Most people attribute the term to a narrower range of just the 1950s. You may also see it written in shorthand as MCM (as we will do henceforth)

Some MCM is easily recognizable (and unlikely to make you cringe if you are in the “hate it” persuasion)

MCM chair

This Eames armchair is one of the more popular and more well known MCM furniture pieces, and believe it or not you can still get one of these bad boys brand new, though collectors are looking for the real deal vintage, it never really lost its popularity. I feel more comfortable just looking at it don’t you?

Sometimes, its all in the legs.


Another common MCM style point is those legs! The tapered style, whether hairpin or solid wood (a little brass doesn’t hurt either) gives furniture a certain look, with clean lines as they say. It is very distinctive, and even the old vintage legs off of these beauties are valuable as many want to start DIY projects.

Of course there is the kitsch side of things

MCM Onion mcm ottoman

It only gets weirder from there… but who doesn’t like a little wonderfully weird in life?!

We tend to get items that fit the bill (whether true vintage or inspired newer items) in waves. Right now we have a nice selection! As always listed on our eBAY store, and always FREE in store pickup available if you live local! ChchchCHECK it out!

First up we have a divine Tapered leg tufted brown ottoman (or stool… or bench… heck I would even use it as a coffee table)
JUST marked down from $199.99 to $139.99 or best offer!

Feast your eyes on this sleek beauty! Brass and wood with 3 bulbs (keep the shades or find something that suits your tastes!)
Another markdown from $199.99 to $149.99 or best offer

Up for auction this week we have a brass tulip style table (that in my opinion the lamp above would look pretty slick on)
Starting bid just $49.99

Boomerangs and amoebas abound on these rare atomic glasses
$64.99 or best offer

And if you are looking for a blast from the past project for your home these tiles would be fantastic for use in a backsplash, tile top table, mosaic work.. you name it. We have many available too!
Just $12.99 or best offer for 4. (currently we have 25 sets available!)

And if you want your MCM style to extend outside your home, check out this 3 tier shabby chic plant stand!
$69.99 or best offer

There are many more MCM treasures (well, many more treasures in general) on our eBAY store! Any of the items you see posted here are available IN HOUSE at our store located at 4371 US-130, Edgewater Park, NJ 08010 as well as 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on eBAY!

Antique Atlantic City Convention Hall Seat Auction

Every once in a while a most extraordinary item comes through our store, and today is one of those days!
We have acquired a fascinating piece of New Jersey, specifically Atlantic City, History!
(Clicking the image below will take you to our auction)

Up for auction is a gorgeous and oh so rare stadium seat from the iconic Atlantic City Convention Hall (now known as Boardwalk Hall, not to be confused with the new convention center)

boardwalk1 boardwalk3

To fully appreciate this magnificent item, one should learn a bit about the location and its historical significance.
According to the location’s website the building was constructed in 1929, amidst economic growth in the area, and interest in the location as a venue. It was considered a marvel of architecture touting a 137 foot barrel vault ceiling.
In addition to the stunning architecture was the construction and installation of  “Poseidon”, an extraordinary pipe organ that has landed in the Guinness book of world records as the worlds largest pipe organ! (I have read it is the largest musical instrument in the world but I am not able to verify this) Below you will find a video with some amazing photographs of the construction of this marvel!

The hall was the home of the Miss America Pageant from 1929 till 2004 and also boasted such events as the Democratic National Convention the year that Lyndon Johnson was nominated for reelection, Martin Luther King and Fannie Lou Hamer held a televised speech in support of the voting rights act of 1965, and in 1964 the Beatles performed their only Atlantic City show here (where I have heard it was so crowded they had to sneak out at the end in a laundry truck!) This is just a small sampling of events held there through the years. Modern performers have also held shows here (and still do at Boardwalk Hall!)

The dates of the renovations where the seat was removed are not known. There have been many renovations to the building through the years, and I have read many dates, none of which specifically mention the seats. It is very likely they were thrown away, or completely scrapped.
We have only ever seen one other chair come up for auction, and it sold for a respectable $1500.
There is no real price to be put on such a piece of history, as this item is desirable to so many groups of collectors! It has musical, theatrical, sports, historical and so many other values attached to it.
There is no way to know if another one of these will come up for grabs and when. Do not the opportunity pass to own it!

Please note we gleaned our information from a variety of sources, we noticed discrepancies in years for certain events. While we hope the information is accurate we cannot verify 100%

GI Joe – The Original Action Figure!

gi joe

The name GI Joe almost immediately elicits an image of an all American hero in plastic form in your head when you hear or read it. It is arguably one of the most iconic and ever popular boys toy of all time.

Many do not know this popular toy started out much larger than the action figures we are used to seeing stock the toy store shelves these days. The original GI Joe was a 12 in figure (They strayed away from the word “doll” as it is was not the first thing most little boys wanted to play with) They refereed to him as an “Action Man” and later would coin the term Action Figure!

The original toys were highly articulated 12in dolls (come on, in the end they were in fact dolls!) They came out with versions representing the branches of the military (Pilot, Solider, Marine, and Sailor) and later the Nurse.
In 1982 Hasbro began making the 3.75″ version in a relaunch. these are the figures we typically see in stores today. While the original toys did not have a story line, the new line of toys had all sorts of stories linking in to a multitude of toys, playsets, vehicles and like toys.
There have even been live action movies for “big kids”, an exciting way to appeal to the older crowd that remembered playing with, and making up their own stories for the iconic toys.
GI Joe is really a special sort of toy, especially in today’s popular toy landscape. They were (in most cases) not supposed to be “superheros”, they were men (sometimes women as well) who were as real as anyone else, using bravery, brains, brawn, and weaponry paired with skill to defeat the bad guy. They were, and are depicting the real American superheros.

Here you can see an original commercial for the toys!

Some original figures had pull strings on the chest that when pulled would cause them to say some phrases
Here we see a very lucky collector displaying his wonderful talking GI Joes!

We were lucky enough to come across one of these rare figures! Unfortunately he is no longer able to speak, but he comes with a variety of items from the line of toys! They are very highly collectable even when they are not in working order, and many people are able to repair these toys. They are not just a toy, but a unique part of history! Click the image below to go to our auction, do not miss out on a chance to own one of these toys!

The auction is ending VERY soon!!!!

Don’t forget, we get items like these in all the time, you never know what you will find (or miss out on!) But if you follow us here, or on eBAY you will never miss out on anything you may need (or want!)

Walking Sticks, Not just for getting around!


The walking stick (or cane… or staff if you prefer) is one of the most versatile accessorizing objects I can imagine. They have even been considered an essential part of ones attire through periods in history!

Each one has a different purpose, and can conjure up a multitude of ideas just by its appearance. While the traditional curved top cane may make you think of an older or injured person who needs it to get around or perhaps a dapper man in a top hat and tails strutting with a richly appointed one down the boulevard, a spindly winding knobby wooden cane may make your mind wander more towards adventure and whimsy. Then of course a sturdy framed cane with a grip and a rubber stopper (perhaps with a hidden compartment for a knife!) would likely get you thinking of camping or hiking.
Throughout history they have been for mobility, fashion, an accessory for dancing, a sign of stature, a hiding place for things or even as weapons!

We have had many canes, walking sticks and the like come through our doors! This time around we have discovered some beautifully carved pieces, adorned with painted animals at the tops. These are more ornamental pieces, they make for very interesting decor and surely conversation starters. Canes can certainly be considered works of art!

walking sticks

 (Clicking the image will take you to Ebay, where you can view and purchase the wonderful walking sticks you see above, or any other we may have in stock!)

There is a mighty Dragon in an Asian style, A Mallard Duck Head, as well as a Full Mallard Duck, A frog on a log and a delightful Black Wolf or Fox!
Each has a bumpy style shaft with a rubber stopper on the end.

While we are talking about canes, here are some people you may recognize who rocked a cane and made it their own!

Don’t let him fool you, he may hobble around with that staff and pretend he only needs it for stability but I think we all know what a mighty weapon it is!

Ok, So House did need his to get around, but that didn’t stop him from finding creative ways to use it… or frighten people with it

You must admit, it adds something special to the character!

I don’t know about you, but this happens to be my favorite cane!

I think the cane, walking stick, staff… whatever you want to call it is around for good in all of its various shapes, sizes and forms. While most often used these days for practicality it is always a welcome sight in fashion and craft!

Charity Auctions to Benefit Charleston Animal Society

Dog Taped

Last week a dog was found in Charleston, South Carolina with her mouth maliciously taped completely shut. She was left like this, unable to eat, drink or even bark for someone to help her. The authorities were called and Caitlyn was on her way into caring arms and a long road to recovery by way of the Charleston Animal Society. The workers at the Animal Society did not give up on this poor dog, and she has undergone procedures to repair the extensive damage done to her. She still has a long way to go, and we wanted to do something to help contribute to the cause and Caitlyn’s road to health and her forever home.

We have 3 items up for auction, with 100% of the money raised going directly to the Charleston Animal Society!
Click the image to go directly to these 3 listings! Up for grabs is a BeadWorx beaded wire golden retriever figurine, SKS Original Black Lab figurine and a Collie Dog crystal and enamel trinket box!

Help support these wonderful people who save animals like Caitlyn every day!